Team Quick Scan

Would you like to become more effective as a team?

The online Zinspiratie Team Quick Scan provides insight in your talents and those of your colleagues. Based on your individual input, you’ll discover the strengths and challenges of your team. You will also find useful and constructive tips in communicating with each other, in order to overcome possible conflicts.

Phase 1: complete all tests (one time effort)

Discover your unique mix of personal features and what team role suits you best. In this phase, all team members complete a variety of tests online. These test will individually provide answers regarding the following questions:

  • What are your key personal qualities?
  • What natural team role(s) do you take on (based on M. Belbin’s theory)?
  • What are your key competencies?
  • What career values are important to you?
  • What motivates you most?

Phase 2: view the team results

Based on all individual input, you will discover the team scores on all components. You’ll see what the team strengths are and what components have effect in the team dynamics. The Team Quick Scan gives an overview of:

  • Natural team roles (and possible GAP)
  • Shared competencies (team strength)
  • Unique individual competencies (who shines in what)
  • What career values are important to all team members (common ground)
  • What motivates this team to get the work done

Phase 3: tools for constructive communication

Do you experience conflict or tension in your team despite all efforts? The Team Quick Scan will provide communication insights to help you find your connection again:

  • How does the other person feel appreciated (again)?
  • Are you potentially allergic to another persons quality (or vice versa)?
  • Do you show typical stress behavior (or vice versa)?
  • How can you influence the behavior of the other person in a constructive way?
  • How can you provide feedback in a constructive way?


About the Zinspiratie Team Quick Scan

Esther Konz The Zinspiratie Team Quickscan is part of the coaching practice of Esther Konz. Esther: “The great thing about team coaching is that I both facilitate companies and individuals in their growth and development. An effective team ultimately delivers a more successful contribution to the business objectives. As a freelance marketing specialist, I have worked together with others in many different teams over the past years. I know how it feels when conflicts occur, how personal qualities play an important role in cooperating with others. Insight into yourself and each other ultimately gives more understanding. In addition, every team member has one or more unique talents and mapping out those talents is something that gives me a lot of energy! The Quick Scan provides a quick and practical contribution to this”.

After a career as interim marketing communications consultant at large companies in the (financial) business services, Esther made a career switch to coaching (2012). Her added value lies in creating insight and overview, for both management and individual team members.

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